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Benefits of Online Training


Online training has become the most popular means of providing training around the world and has many benefits namely:

  • Online training reduces the cost of lost productivity- traditional training is timetabled for a set time, Online training is more flexible and can be fitted in around the individual employee’s workload – less hours of productive work will be lost, therefore reducing the cost of lost productivity.
  • Online training eliminates travel & venue costs-Traditional training requires employees to leave the workplace, often collectively. This means incurring travelling time and expense, as well as incurring the cost of an alternativevenuein which the training will take place. Online training avoids these costs. Employees do not need to leave the workplace – they can access their training from the shop floor.
  • Easy to Use - Open an internet browser and employees are up and running quickly.
  • Go mobile-Online education also allows for flexibility across technology formats. Employees can learn at home, on the job, or anywhere they use their smartphone

Online training has a lot to offer to the employees and the organization. It provides essential tools to the new as well as existing employees for making successful advances on the professional and personal front. They can learn how to do their job in the right manner and what are the goals and policies of the company they are working for. If the employees find scope and motivation to stick in the organization for professional benefits, it will be a great achievement for the company. There is no doubt that investment is made in order to train all new employees and in case they don’t stay, more money is required to train the new staff from scratch.Besides professional growth, online training can be effective in personal improvement as well. It can help the employees perform well and get prepared for better and advanced positions in the company. For instance, if an employee is not good at computers, he or she can join the wide variety of courses offered by the company and add a new skill to their resume. Efficient and motivated employees will get noticed by the management and it will be helpful for them in fighting competition for a particular position in the future.


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Blog Post by Tammy Daniels

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